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LEDs Newsletter | August 28, 2019

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Legalized cannabis brings new spark to SSL industry

The North American Cannabis lighting market is the fastest growing sector within the global horticultural lighting market and will continue to factor into the market for quite some time. Get data on installations and revenue projections through 2023 in the latest Strategies Unlimited report.

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Welcome to the LEDs Magazine weekly newsletter for Aug. 28, 2019. Our July/August issue is available for you. I haven't mentioned this lately, but subscribers get seamless access to the latest issue and archives in an online magazine-style format. Please subscribe if you haven't done so. We've also posted the feature content and columns in HTML format so that it's easily discoverable via search.

Speaking of that issue content, I had foreshadowed in a prior column an experience I had visiting Current, powered by GE at the outdoor lighting manufacturing facility located in North Carolina. I wrote an article about that visit that spans topics from the business of solid-state lighting (SSL) to lean manufacturing. The visit also reinforced my understanding that LED-based product development is very difficult when light quality and reliability are guiding principles.

We have a news article about advances in standardization of an approach to smart city networks and applications enabled by the TALQ Consortium. Frankly, I found the news interesting and optimistic. But there is not a US-based company on the list of companies that have certified interoperable products.

I know that TALQ was promulgated out of Europe but with global and noble intent. I can't imagine why some US-based companies would not add support layers to their software and hardware products. Perhaps they are in the pipeline, and I will try and find out. TALQ acknowledges that multiple actual network technologies will coexist yet includes an abstraction layer that will allow central management system (CMS) software and applications to work across different network types.

Moving to horticultural lighting, we have another contributed blog post this time from Elsebeth Kolmos of the LESA (Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications) laboratory at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Kolmos discussed the use of ultraviolet (UV) energy in horticultural lighting as a way to potentially improve the taste of vegetables.

LESA is of course part of the consortium of institutions behind the GLASE (Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering) consortium headquartered at Cornell. Neil Mattson of Cornell and GLASE will deliver the keynote presentation at our Oct. 31 HortiCann Light+Tech Conference in Denver.

I'd remind you again to get busy on your LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards 2020 entries. The deadline is just over a month away. The Gala aboard the Midway aircraft carrier will be earlier than normal due to early dates for Strategies in Light 2020. And speaking of Strategies in Light, make plans to join us in San Diego.

You will find many more stories of interest down below. Please note my new email address below. And always feel free to contact me to discuss content we post or to pitch a contributed article.

- Maury Wright, (858) 748-6785, mwright@endeavorb2b.com

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Headline News & More

$subtitles.get($x) Balance taste, nutrition, and crop yield with UV light exposure
Elsebeth Kolmos of LESA describes what research has revealed about plant responses to ultraviolet light and observes there is much more to be learned.


$subtitles.get($x) EPA publishes revised luminaires specification for Energy Star compliance
The US Environmental Protection Agency has added Energy Star provisions for SSL products that include USB charging ports and for emergency-oriented products with integrated batteries, and expanded luminaire coverage.


$subtitles.get($x) TALQ advances in interoperability testing for smart city software and gateways
At a plugfest in Valencia, Spain, nine companies won certification for TALQ-compliant products, paving the way for interoperable smart city networks and applications from multiple vendors.


$subtitles.get($x) Current opens doors to outdoor SSL product development and manufacturing practices
Maury Wright visited the Hendersonville, NC facility of Current for two days of presentations on outdoor lighting and smart cities, and reports on insight gained in the company's approach to product development, manufacturing, and logistics.



Nurse to lights: "Find a wheelchair, please!"
University Medical Center Utrecht is outfitting luminaires with network-connected chips and sensors that keep track of all the equipment that goes astray at hospitals. The same technology should provide a number of other benefits, Mark Halper discovers.

Educational approaches bolster human-centric lighting efforts
As understanding of the non-visual benefits of light advances, LightingEurope's Ourania Georgoutsakou outlines the value proposition and efforts to support the roll-out of human-centric lighting in Europe.

Focus connected lighting efforts on ease of use
Rather than shoot the moon on complex controls, Wavelength Lighting's Michael Hennessy prescribes a simpler, modular approach to connected lighting.

Evolving SSL luminaire designs demand innovative secondary optic designs
Luca Meneghetti of Khatod and Maury Wright examine the ongoing advancements in secondary optics for LED-based luminaires, including material options and innovation in design that deliver optimal optical performance.

Industry News & Products

Find out what companies are doing in the LED & lighting industry
Agriculture and food systems expert Dr. Roger Beachy to keynote LRC Summit
Eaton Lighting's iO CoviO delivers continuous illumination from exterior to interior coves
Xicato releases open source software for future of smart buildings
Zumtobel illuminates new storage for art and musical instrument collections at Edinburgh University
Focal Point expands Seem family with enhanced Perimeter luminaires
Fan experience is illuminated by Luminis LEDs at award-winning baseball park

Strategies Unlimited Market Intelligence

Horticultural SSL market shows potential for long-term growth
Strategies Unlimited has forecasted that the horticultural lighting market will grow more than 180% in the next five years, with LED-based products comprising the majority of this growth. Although energy efficiency continues to motivate the adoption of LED technologies, other benefits - including their low heat generation and controllability - will accelerate acceptance into the growing horticulture market. Learn more in the Strategies Unlimited report "Horticultural Lighting: Market Analysis & Forecast 2018."

SSL luminaire forecast portends the penetration of connected lighting
In research focused on the global market for LED luminaires, Strategies Unlimited takes a close look at scenarios where applications and markets will adopt smart and connected lighting and the IoT. While the projected penetration rates are relatively low, the percentages are still part of a very large global luminaires market. Moreover, once connected, smart lighting opens other revenue opportunity for SSL manufacturers.

Custom research delivers actionable insights for business strategy
While LEDs are pervading most lighting applications today, the actual market penetration remains low, meaning great potential for success looms for companies that take the correct steps forward. Custom research from Strategies Unlimited can guide optimal market entry, assist with establishing partnerships, and validate technology concepts.


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